Photoguide to West African plants online

This interactive photographic guide1 shall help you to identify higher plants from West African ecosystems. It contains images of ferns and seed plants taken in the field. You can browse through a taxonomic hierarchy and/or search according to selected characters you observe on your plant.

Have we linked to this before? I seem to remember doing so, but can’t find the evidence. Anyway, it includes cultivated plants.

  1. Brunken, U., Schmidt, M., Dressler, S., Janssen, T., Thiombiano, A. & Zizka, G. 2008. West African plants – A Photo Guide. – Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. []

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  1. good day sir,I having trying to login to your site’s but it keeps telling me Datenbank-Fehler
    I don’t know what to do.I always use your site to identify plants.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    J.J. Azila.

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