Help researchers get their priorities right

Would you like to influence the future direction of research on roots, tubers and bananas? Course you would. And now you can, thanks to a priority setting exercise being carried out by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas. The ProMusa website has the full details: researchers

are … looking beyond yields to estimate the impact on poverty, health, gender equity and environmental sustainability.

It starts with mapping to locate the places where “research has the greatest potential to alleviate poverty and increase food security”.

The top constraints in these target areas will then be matched with research options. The impact, over the next 20 years, of these research options will be assessed using different methods, depending on the indicator, and the findings will be used to guide research investment decisions.

So now you know, and you have no excuse.

If your interest is bananas and plantains, then head on over to the ProMusa page that will guide you to a survey in English, French and Spanish. For other crops – but inexplicably not bananas nor the “minor” roots and tubers – the RTB website is the place to go.

Anyone for taro?

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