Cheap at half the price

…a cost benefit comparison based on the results of this study confirms that the benefits of the GGB, even with the conservative estimation adopted within the current framework, significantly exceeds the costs of its operation. Thus in terms of insurance values generated by the GGB, the flow of annual equivalent values were estimated to represent a minimum of 2.95 million euros whereas operating costs of the GGB currently correspond to less than 3 per cent of this amount on an annual basis. Hence the present study suggests that maintaining and further developing the GGB is an economically justified strategy.

The final report on the “Valuation of the Greek Genebank” (that would be the GBB) project is out. Actually, it may have been out for a while, but I’ve only just now found it. We have blogged about it before. We’ll blog about it again, no doubt, when we’ve digested the results, of which the above quote is the parting shot.

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