Eat up all your Okinawa spinach

Speaking of Amanda, she also recently went on the Living with the Land boat ride at the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida.

A relaxing 13-minute boat ride takes you on an informative journey through a tropical rain forest, an African desert complete with sandstorm, and the windswept plains of a small, turn-of-the-century family farm. Guests experience the struggles of the past and plans for farming in the future including Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaculture. It’s not just about fruits and veggies, fish farms are on display. Since The Land is a Disney restaurant supplier, You could very well be seeing your entree. Wonder where those Mickey shaped cucumbers in your salad came from? This is where they’re grown. The educational content on this ride is geared more towards adults, but younger guests will love the boat ride and spotting the different fruits and vegetables.


Very educational, I’m sure. Anyway, this photo of hers featuring Okinawa Spinach caught my eye, even more than the Mickey shaped cucumbers, because I’d never heard of the stuff. Turns out to be Gynura bicolor, and to have really few accessions in the world’s genebanks. I wonder why Disney World picked on it in preference to any number of better known Asian vegetables. And whether they sell seeds in the gift shop. But it’s certainly one way to stimulate interest in a neglected species.

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