Green Revolution 2.0

At 1:10 in the afternoon of 31 July 2008, ignoring the advice of his neighbors, Mr. Pal made the decision not to plow under his severely ravaged and sick-looking rice crop. His field had been submerged for 17 days from two floods.

And that is when the second Green Revolution began, according to Dr Bob Zeigler, DG of the International Rice Research Institute (IIRI). Read more about it on his blog.1 And follow developments at the International Rice Congress, including on Twitter. As for me, I’d like to speed up that GR 3.0.


And if Dr Zeigler wants to know where those untapped Oryza species are to be found, I know where he should look.

  1. Incidentally, we’ve blogged about scuba rice on a number of occasions here. []

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