Europeans working on European crop working groups

‪The European crop conservation network — ECPGR — has a couple of new crop working groups, on maize and on berries. All the working groups have very informative pages on the ECPGR website, including details of all members and a mailing list, a link to relevant germplasm, and meeting and project reports. Worth exploring, if you’re interested in those crops. Start with berries.

A reminder that you can explore data from the European genebank network on the Eurisco website, and also mashed up with genebanks from other parts of the world on Genesys. As an example, here’s the Eurisco Ribes data on Genesys. Unclick the “EURISCO” tab to see what’s available in genebanks outside Europe.

LATER: Oh, and by the way, European genebanks have also started to review each other. The CGIAR genebanks have also all been reviewed by external experts in the past few years.

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