One Reply to “Australia’s forage genebanks to be mothballed?”

  1. How true, deep and sad the comment posted by the colleague “Pasture and Range Scientist, Tunisia” – “For years Australian scientists have collected North African pasture species – they always told us they would keep them safe and available in thier collections. And over the years Australians have benifited greatly from our germplasm. And now this; occuring in such a rich country. It is outrageous.”
    It is outrageous indeed.
    Unfortunately this is becoming a sad common feature in many of the so called “developed countries”. Not only in Australia.
    The blind race for immediate profits anywhere, on everything and at any expense, will have enormous costs on environment, thus, on people’s livelihoods.
    People of enormous vision and little power, subjugated by a few of short vision and enormous power!! The end of another civilisation?
    I sincerely hope not!

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