GCP mounts a full frontal info-attack

CGIAR’s Generation Challenge Programme is mounting a reasonably effective information blitzkrieg, and chickpeas are the shock troops, with blog posts and videos their weapons of choice. A minor triumph is in the offing on the social networking front. But I have to say I think the RSS feeds are a bit of a rout. The main site has way too many. Yet the blogs over at GCP’s main online product, the otherwise quite impressive Integrated Breeding Platform, don’t have any at all, though the discussion forums (and what exactly is the difference?) do. Time to re-think the whole RSS strategy.

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  1. Hi Luigi. We at GCP as guilty as charged on all counts, for both ‘warfare’ and ‘mayhem’: our RSS feed sucks and it’s on our ‘to-do’ list. It’s a new website, so still lots of construction debris flying and lying about, and gaping holes here and there, but we’re working on it as we go along…

    Will be interesting to hear the views of others on RSS. Meantime, back to the battlefront for us for the blitzkrieg since we still have a few more volleys to fire, but we’ll also do some construction on the side, not just destruction, since our hopes of ‘distracting by destruction’ have been dashed by deep divers such as you, Luigi! :-) So, we’ll work on minimising our ‘war crimes’.

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