European forest conservationists move to Bonn

I’m not sure if it’s been formally announced, but the Secretariat of the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme has moved to Bonn. I know because they’re hosted by the European Forestry Institute just a floor below the offices of the Global Crop Diversity Trust where I work. Among other things, EUFORGEN manages the European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources, which has produced cool distribution maps and other resources, including of some species that are crop wild relatives. Just for a laugh, I’ve downloaded their shapefile for Prunus avium and mashed that up with what little there is in Genesys that’s geo-referenced (click on it to see it better).

That’s interestingly complementary to the map of in situ and ex situ conservation units in EUFGIS.

We should really work to have the two systems talk to each other.

Anyway, welcome to Bonn, Michele and Ewa.

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