Nibbles: Seed morgues, African foods, GenRes, Agroecology, FarmGeek, ICRISAT

  1. In Praise of Seed Morgues. You heard me. Webinar next week: sounds like a doozy.
  2. Plan of Action on Forgotten Foods. Another webinar next week.
  3. Walk into the Gateway. The GenRes Gateway, that is, “a crowd-sourced platform to guide you through the landscape of forest, plant and animal genetic resources in Europe.” A third webinar. Looks like I’ll be busy next week.
  4. Maybe I’ll read about how to evaluate agroecology in the meantime.
  5. Agroecology is not on FarmGeek, but other interventions are, like GMOs and “genetic diversity” (ie cultivar mixtures) and you can explore how effective they are around the world.
  6. Speaking of genetic diversity, there’s a lot of it in ICRISAT’s pearl millet fields at the moment, though not in cultivar mixtures. And breeders are having a busy week of it.

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