Nibbles: Organic ag, Local ag, Pigeonpea, African cereals, Vanilla genebank, Ag R&D, Ziziphus

  1. Blaming organic agriculture for Sri Lanka’s woes is a little…simplistic.
  2. Deriding food localism as luddite is a little…simplistic. I wonder if there will be a rural re-exodus in Sri Lanka.
  3. Pigeonpea is back on the menu in Malawi. Organically produced, no doubt.
  4. Will it be closely followed by sorghum and millet in Zimbabwe?
  5. Brazil puts together a vanilla collection. Because you can only go so far on sorghum and pigeonpea.
  6. Meanwhile, “…China Has Become the World’s Largest Funder of Agricultural R&D,” displacing the US. Including local and organic ag, pigeonpea and sorghum? I wonder…
  7. Looks like jujube might be an example of US-China collaboration on ag research. Maybe.

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