Nibbles: Genebanks in Japan, India, SADC, China, Sustainable nutrition security

  1. Another recent article in the mainstream media about the Japanese genebank. Not entirely sure why, but let’s not look a gift horse etc etc. Couple nice examples of re-introduction of lost diversity to farmers.
  2. And here’s the mainstream media in India (and the PM, no less) singing the praises of a farmer custodian of millet diversity.
  3. The mainstream media in Zimbabwe doesn’t want to be left behind and jumps on the genebank bandwagon too with a piece about the SADC Plant Genetic Resources Centre.
  4. Yes, silkworms need a genebank too, and China is all over it.
  5. The Union of Concerned Scientists wants a new definition of food security and genebanks could probably help with that.

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