Nibbles: Brand new tool, Baseline, Orange cassava, Food non-crisis, ILRI on the frontline, WorldFish

In recognition of the fact that I’ve spent the past week at CIMMYT up to my ears in the CGIAR, an all-CGIAR edition!

  • CCAFS unleashes hell. Well, Climate Analogues anyway. No, wait…
  • How does CCAFS measure impact anayway? Well, by documenting progress in adaptation relative to a baseline, of course. What I want to know is how the baseline captures within-crop diversity.
  • Meanwhile, HarvestPlus is having another impact of its own. Well, I guess we’ll really have to wait for the health studies to be sure, but anyway.
  • And speaking of impact, IFPRI now says that surveys show that the food crisis was not really a crisis for the poor, where simulations say it was. Now what?
  • ILRI remembers the visit of Angela Merkel, and, probably unrelatedly, discovers the joys of fermentation.
  • WorldFish got a brand new website. Does Climate Analogues work for fish?

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