Nibbles: Eat This Newsletter, Basmati, DSI, NBPGR collecting, Ganja page

  1. Jeremy’s latest newsletter covers in more depth things we just Nibbled here, including perry and ancient bananas, plus much other stuff. We talked about “wild rice” here a couple of times.
  2. As for actual rice, the controversy between India and Pakistan about the origin of Basmati just got a bit more complicated. Could it in fact have come from Afghanistan?
  3. Maybe everyone should listen to Dr Amber Scholz’s ideas about ABS.
  4. Meanwhile, India’s National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources regional centre in Kumaon has been busy collecting germplasm. No word on whether that includes rice, Basmati or otherwise.
  5. Pretty cool way of presenting accession data, courtesy of Mystery Haze. I wonder where that’s from originally.

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