Nibbles: Seed system, Food system, Coffee infographic, African agroecology, ENRICH, Land Institute citizen science

  1. Do you want to describe and analyze seed systems? Let the Norwegian University of Life Sciences show you how.
  2. Do you think there should be a, well, systemic approach to the food system? So does the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Hope they include seed systems. And genebanks.
  3. Want a rather beautiful way to remember the complicated history of coffee? Let Chris Kornman sell you one. A time when botanic gardens acted as genebanks.
  4. Looking for an African take on African agricultural development? Million Belay has you covered. Wish he had mentioned African genebanks though.
  5. Would you like to celebrate 20 years of HarvestPlus? IFPRI to the rescue.
  6. Want to grow perennial crops for the Land Institute? Well now you can.

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