Nibbles: Community genebank, Traditional medicine, Agarwood, Radish introgression, Kentucky bluegrass, Frison, Vavilov, Pollinators, Collecting strategy

  • Bamboo microscope used to document rice varieties at Indian village genebank. Want one.
  • And more documentation and conservation of traditional knowledge in India: this time it’s medicines.
  • Nigel Chaffey’s latest botanical buffet table at the Annals of Botany has stuff on nomenclature and genomes. Always worth following.
  • Latest on saving agarwood. And more. Thanks to twittering by @AsiaForestry.
  • Biofortified blogs research on geneflow between crops and their wild relatives.
  • Kentucky bluegrass pix. Botany Photo of the Day is also worth following. You guys all use Google Reader, right?
  • “Any serious discussion of biodiversity conservation must include the diversity of crops and livestock…” Right on.
  • Vavilov hits Abyssinia. Another one for Reader.
  • Pollinator trends in Europe and the world. It ain’t good.
  • Your botanic gardens needs at least 15 individuals of that palm.

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