Nibbles: Perennial grains, @gr0b10d1v3r$1ty, Games, Leeks, Millets in Rome, Insectivory, Bangladesh, Locusts, Women, Ricinus, Bamboo sequence, Bio-innovate conference

by Jeremy Cherfas on March 5, 2013

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Dave Wood March 5, 2013 at 9:33 pm

The first two of these articles – on perennial grains and anti-monoculturalism – are simply wrong. If perennials are `more in harmony with nature’, then why are there annuals at all? Horses for courses: annuals do better than perennials under certain ecological conditions – these conditions is what annual crop production copies. And what about monocultures? Again, these persist and thrive in nature under certain ecological conditions – often marginal in some way – these conditions are what arable cropping imitates. It is mindless to ignore these natural ecologies. We need to know how they work, rather than dismiss them from some kind of ecological prejudice based on some kind of now-discredited Clementsian view of climax vegetation. No more Nibbles tonight – it’s bedtime.


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