Nibbles: Introgression in sorghum, British cheese, Cassava development, Fishing

  • “Farmers have quite accurate perceptions about the genetic nature of their sorghum plants, accurately distinguishing not only domesticated landraces from the others, but also among three classes of introgressed individuals, and classing all four along a continuum that corresponds well to genetic patterns. Their practices are fairly effective in limiting gene flow”
  • Cheese map of Britain. Had no idea there was a National Cheese. I always liked Wensleydale.
  • “I harvested part of the cassava and transported it to the nearest processing centre, where it was peeled, washed, pressed, dried and milled into cassava flour. They charged me Tsh600 per kilogramme (about half a dollar) and the market price was Tsh380 a kilo.”
  • The giant Ponzi Scheme that is modern fishing.

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