Nibbles: Epigenetics, Cacao strategy, B4FN book, Seed systems book, Nutrition conference, Brit Brassica boffins bonanza

  • Geographic patterns in epigenomic variation. Yeah, but in Arabidopsis.
  • A global strategy for conservation. Yeah, but for cacao.
  • That “Diversifying Food and Diets — Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and Health” book? You’ll be able to get chapters and case studies from a dedicated website nine months after publication.
  • Not to be outdone, the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research lets you download “Defining Moments in the Ethiopian Seed System.”
  • New Agriculturist fillets out some contributions to a recent Economist conference on malnutrition.
  • The Brassica research community gets together in the UK. Not many people hurt.

4 Replies to “Nibbles: Epigenetics, Cacao strategy, B4FN book, Seed systems book, Nutrition conference, Brit Brassica boffins bonanza”

  1. Epigenetics – was Lysenko correct after all? A well-known wheat geneticist told me a couple of years ago that there’s some good evidence for epigenetic environmental adaptation in wheat. Looks like it will be an interesting field of research . . .

  2. “Diversifying Foods and Diets” book available on a website nine months after publication. Why do they do this?

    The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group panned the IAASTD process and, with a lot of other negative comment, noted that: “…there was a significant problem with the Web versions being unavailable for six months under an agreement with the publisher — a crucial period in which to gain brand recognition.”

    There is lots more in the IEG report that should be read by anyone who thinks the $26million IAASTD process was badly managed junk (I do).

  3. Dear Dr. Mike Jackson
    Epigenomic modifications alter gene expression without changing the letters of the DNA alphabet (A-T-C-G),
    1- How Can adapt dates in Europe extensively as in Iraq with native trait ,I think with this study imposable .
    2- If The scientists can change the planet’s environment and become the desert mountains Or the sea land level , I think impossible happen
    3- I think adaptation plants there is a force greater than that in the adaptation and bear the primary qualities of flavor , oil , enzymes, chemical compounds in plants etc.
    Example rice Iraqi ( ANBARR) has a distinctive odor in his presence, when planting area in the South Asian countries lost this property.
    Guarino Talks ,about native trait ,thank for you and Guarino

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