Nibbles: Ube again, Ugandan coffee, USDA job, Genebank data, Transformation

  1. Still have no idea whether “ube” is a yam or sweetpotato.
  2. Uganda breeding its way to higher coffee production.
  3. Wanna help USDA collect germplasm?
  4. But what data are you gonna record on all that new stuff?
  5. Chatham House says change diets, protect nature and practice sustainable farming for a better food system. Gonna need genebanks in support of all those.

One Reply to “Nibbles: Ube again, Ugandan coffee, USDA job, Genebank data, Transformation”

  1. “Ube”: I’ll go for yam: Dioscorea alata L.. Martin’s USDA Agricultural Handbook 495 has: “Purple-fleshed varieties are favored over white in the Philippine Islands because of the agreeable color that they lend to desserts.” The species is widespread and extremely variable, especially for flesh colour. Purseglove Monocotyledons p. 102 has: ” …flesh varies from white to deep reddish purple in colour.”

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