Nibbles: Gates & Slim, Aquino, Home genebank, Quinoa indigestion, Cornish pasties, Exotic vegetables, Funny cheeses, Leafsnap, Beekeeping

  • Bigshots visit CIMMYT, miss opportunity to mention genebank. No, wait
  • Bigshot visits IRRI, including genebank.
  • Yeah but who needs those anyway, you can make your own!
  • Now the French want their say on quinoa.
  • Speaking of the French, you think there is any horsemeat in Cornish pasties?
  • “I grew up with zucchini, but I prefer the flavor and texture of angled luffa.”
  • Gotta love the fact that there’s a thing called the Rogue Creamery.
  • Missed the fact that Leafsnap had been named one of the top 10 science apps of 2012.
  • Germans report on Italians helping Ethiopians. To keep bees. One suspects Ethiopians could teach Italians and Germans a thing or two about keeping bees, but that’s another story.

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