Nibbles: Forests and agriculture, Seed collecting, Banana book, Fermentation, Cucumber history, Myrrh, Farm systems, Dog genetics, Chocolate wars

by Luigi Guarino on February 17, 2012

  • Seven forest myths exposed. And more on the work debunking one of them. Yeah I know we already Nibbled it, get over it.
  • And you know what, here’s another one we already Nibbled, on collecting seeds in Central Asia. But I just read it again in the hardcopy version and it’s really cool and I like seeing people I know in funny shorts. Incidentally, the dead tree version has a link to Vaviblog that is unaccountably missing online.
  • Will no one buy me this fabulous banana book? (Not if you keep being rude to your reader. Ed.)
  • Second installment of that we-farm-because-we-like-beer thing. I’m not sure about the theory, but I like the way this guy writes. Yes, it’s a little look at me, look at me. But sometimes you need that.
  • Tales of the cucumber. Does anyone remember if we blogged about this paper?
  • More to myrrh than meets the eye. And more than most folk need to know.
  • Oxford boffins say a pox on both your houses: “environmentally friendly” farms better than conventional and organic.
  • National Geographic tackles the dog. Amazingly, all the photos are of, ahem, dogs.
  • What’s with all this stuff about cacao lately? Has someone sequenced another variety or something?

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Alun February 17, 2012 at 11:04 am

I don’t think you’ve blogged on this cucumber paper. We had one recently about their appearance in French and Italian texts that cued up the next paper on routes into Europe.


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