Nibbles: Yams, Agrobiodiversity, Melons, Cacao, Biotropica, Food, Seed saving, Rice pix, Mongolian livestock, Gums

  • IITA set to expand its ability to provide the world with yam diversity.
  • “Agricultural biodiversity is essential for farmers as it places them in a better position to manage climate change.” Wait, what?
  • An exotic melon is found in Birmingham, UK. But can you make juice from its seeds?
  • James dissects the latest genome announcement: cacao. Ignore the press release, just read this.
  • Biotropica has a special issue on biodiversity. Even some agrobiodiversity.
  • The history of food consumption in the 20th century. Scary reading.
  • New Internationalist magazine has a special issue on seed saving! But only a couple of articles available online, alas.
  • Wonderful photos of the rice harvest from Flickr.
  • Mongolian cashmere can only get more expensive.
  • Australians have more to cope with than a back-stabbing prime minister, it seems. Their eucalypts are in trouble. Something to do with fire, maybe.

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