Nibbles: Pacific genebank, IPBES report, New mangoes, British apples, Greek landraces, Fonio, Space seeds, Macadamia cryo

  1. New Zealand supports SPC regional crops and trees genebank in a big way.
  2. Some of those trees are wild species that contribute to food security, and more must be done to conserve them.
  3. Some trees are crops of course, like mangoes, and scientists are doing their bit for them in the Philippines.
  4. Wait, isn’t it too early for the usual BBC saving-the-apple story? Usually comes in the autumn.
  5. Who needs genebanks when you can inscribe landraces in a National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  6. Maybe try it with fonio next?
  7. Or just send seeds into space?
  8. Maybe including macadamia, or is space not cold enough for them?

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