Brainfood: Understanding conservation, Melon diversity, Brassica viruses, Livestock domestication, Parks and conservation, Intensification, Wild apple, Conservation planning, Pepper diversity, Silene diversity, Connectivity in restoration, Paying for conservation, Dog evolution, Pasture productivity

by Luigi Guarino on February 18, 2013

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Dave Wood February 18, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Trees in the dry season: Perhaps farmers have trees in their pastures a shade for their livestock at a season of maximum need for stock shading. The paper tries to turn on its head the value of introduced species in tropical pastures. The rule of thumb for Latin American pastures is to get African grasses established, and not a mixture of local species. Just as a rule of thumb for pastures in tropical Australia is to get Latin America legumes established. If ICRAF do not like this, they should talk to the experts in CIAT, rather than try to show the opposite. Trees use water, lots of it, and kill-off herbaceous ground vegetation in the dry season: I’m not sure the livestock like this. But nice to see that ICRAF is working with CATIE – they should have been established there, as there are far more useful agroforestry trees in Central America than Africa.


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