Nibbles: Old rice, New quinoa, Fishy stuff, Cropland landscapes, Forest landscapes, Old seed, Superdomestication, Intensification

  • Youth compiles list of rare and extinct rice varieties of Assam. Maybe he should look at weedy rice too?
  • Meanwhile, American farmers are learning to grow quinoa, probably including some rare varieties.
  • The smelliest fish in the world. No traceability needed for that one, I guess.
  • Cropland getting mapped. Presumably including the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). Help needed by both, by the way.
  • Follow the forest discussions at COP18. High on the agenda: what is a landscape? It’s what you study when you’re being holistic, no? Anyway, there’s got to be a connection to the previous links.
  • Boffins find a genetic marker for old seed. Will need to Brainfood this one.
  • Pat Heslop-Harrison breaks down superdomestication for you.
  • SRI gets a scaling up. What could possibly go wrong?

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