Nibbles: Archaeobotany, Citrus genebank, Vitellaria, Potato genebank, Pignolo, IK, Atlas of Living Australia,

  1. Q&A with an archaeobotanist looking into the domestication history of maize and gourds.
  2. Q&A with the curators of the University of California, Riverside Citrus Variety Collection.
  3. Q&A on the shea tree genome.
  4. CIP’s potato cryobank. There’s probably a Q&A somewhere too.
  5. Snippets of a review of an interesting-sounding book about the almost-forgotten Pignolo grape.
  6. Snippets of the Indigenous ecological knowledge used by traditional agriculturalists in India.
  7. A more systematic approach to documenting and protecting Indigenous ecological knowledge from Australia.

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