Nibbles: Seed saving edition

  1. Seed saving in The Guardian.
  2. Seed saving in Nigeria.
  3. More seed saving needed in Zimbabwe.
  4. Save seeds instead of growing GMO crops? The “debate” continues…
  5. Is seed saving among the best-bet government interventions to fix our diets? Find out.
  6. Seed saving on, whatever that is.
  7. Will the new Oxford nature recovery centre look into seed saving, I wonder?
  8. Saving baobab seeds in Burkina Faso.
  9. We need joined-up food system thinking. Starting with seed saving?

2 Replies to “Nibbles: Seed saving edition”

  1. #4 The “debate” continues…
    Cohen’s article with the catchy title “Decolonizing the GMO debate” claims `scuba rice’ is a GMO.
    A former IRRI Board member tells me it isn’t. It was developed from a traditional rice variety by breeding using Marker Assisted Selection. There’s an IRRI account in RiceToday Vol. 3, No. 3, 2004. I remember visiting trial sites and farmers’ fields on a field trip to Odisha – it looks miraculous after heavy flooding.

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