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  • Guardian has whole piece on the importance on Kew’s collections without once mentioning Millennium Seed Bank. Anyway, the Paris herbarium is not so bad either, though they are no match for the Kew press machine.
  • Hybridization is good for plant diversity. Well, yeah. What am I missing here? Oh and here’s more about things that maintain variation, and more still. You see what I did there?
  • Allanblackia is the next big thing in agroforestry. Which probably means its name will soon be changed.
  • Conclave meets to discuss election of next Pope pulse productivity.
  • Videos from Africa GIS week.
  • Meeting to review 10 years of research on chronic poverty. Must have been deeply depressing.
  • Helping rice to keep its cool. A crop wild relatives story.
  • “The Ministry of Science and Technology should emphasize the need to undertake research programmes on unexplored and underutilized crops as these could constitute the genetic base for genes for improved nutritional quality of foods.” In India, that is.
  • “We need to mine that diversity to provide genetic material in an adapted background more readily to be used by plant breeders.” From CIMMYT. How many times have I heard that? Here’s my problem: who will do it?
  • That IRIN feature from a few days ago recycled with a new pic. Which is of a genebank not included in the list in the text. The person shown is my friend Dr Jean Hanson, recently retired head of the ILRI genebank.
  • DIY perennial cereals.
  • “Biodiversity scientists and agricultural scientists have tended to approach their interests in very different ways. I think there’s a lot we can learn from each other.” Wait, what?
  • Another best biodiversity blogs list. Ahem.
  • A “very clear action plan” for a ‘Green Revolution’ in Africa emerges from AGRA meeting. You will however look in vain for the details on the piece.
  • The last Inka treasure. Yep, the potato.
  • Boffins find anti-Striga gene. No, not really, settle down.
  • Rachel Laudan is really rude about Mexican potatoes.
  • Cur moriatur homo cui salvia crescit in horto? Good question.
  • Finding the 100-Horse Chestnut.
  • Getting to grips with photoperiod sensitivity in maize.

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